The Xbox One’s New Interface Is On The Way

Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has detailed today in an official post on his website the upcoming new update to the Xbox One’s User Interface. With the Xbox One X coming in exactly three months, Microsoft has been clear that a new UI will be on its way with it under the “Fluent Design” moniker. The experience will supposedly increase the speed, customization, and fluidity of the interface throughout both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Dashboard 1
You can now customize what you want on your Home Screen.

On the Home page, you will now be able to access more customization options for what you want to see when you initially turn on your console. Supposedly, you will now be able to add more games, hubs, friends, and other Xbox services to your home screen for a greater level of customization. Additionally, the Home, My Games & Apps, and Social pages have been integrated into one core experience, meaning that the load times should be eliminated when switching between these pages. That’s some great news to hear. It’s a bit hard to see how these customization options will speed up the convenience of the Home page in these early stages, but it’s always good to see improvements being made.

Dashboard 2
The Guide has been redesigned and made faster.

The Guide was only just changed back in March, but it looks like it’s getting another redesign for the better. The quicker Guide implemented back then seems to have been made quicker, while also being changed from a vertical list to a horizontal one. The content in the new Guide seems nearly identical to the current Guide’s, but it appears to be loading a lot faster than the current one, which is a welcome change.

Dashboard 3
The Community page has been updated for a more immersive experience.

The Community page, home to the social and gaming updates from your friends and followed games, will be getting a major overhaul as well. Rather than the simple linear post order it currently has, with a long list of single posts, the new Community experience will have a larger, full-screen stream to scroll through offering more content to see at once. Screenshots, captures, and other media will now open in a full-screen viewing window as well, rather than the smaller windows they opened in in the previous experience. Additionally, future changes to the Clubs system should supposedly make them easier and more intuitive to discover and participate in.

These features are rolling out today but are currently only available to the Alpha Ring of the Insider Program members. Look forward to these features rolling out for other Xbox members in the next few months. There was no mention of when the newly designed Xbox Avatars are expected to appear, but we expect there to be some more exciting news to come for the Xbox One’s interface as we get closer to the launch of the Xbox One X on November 7th.


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