Microsoft Announces The Xbox One X Scorpio Edition

Microsoft has announced today (after a few leaks) that the Xbox One X will be launching with a special pre-order edition to pay homage to the console’s Scorpio codename. Dubbed the “Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition,” the special edition console will sport an exclusive design and a retail packaging that original Xbox owners may recognize from the design of the original console.

The console itself features a grey stippling gradient, an “Xbox Green” Scorpio text imprint on the console’s front, and an included stand if you’d like to precariously stand your $499.99 console on it’s side.

The Scorpio Edition console and controller.

The controller included with the Scorpio Edition also includes the “Xbox Green” Scorpio text imprint on its and a set of all-black buttons. While that may make differentiating the buttons a bit more difficult for the uninitiated, it does certainly look pretty.

The Scorpio Edition controller.

Microsoft has pushed the Xbox One X’s promotion very hard so far in 2017 and should continue to do so until the console officially launches on November 7th. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One X will mark the world’s most powerful console to date, capable or rendering games in “true 4K.” As of right now, Microsoft has officially detailed over 100 games that will feature Xbox One X enhanced graphics with either true 4K rendering or checkerboard rendering, with more to come according to their Gamescom presentation. And while 4K TVs have still not become fully saturated into the market yet, Microsoft has remained firm that even purchasers with 1080p TVs will experience an increase in performance and graphical fidelity to supported games through additional processing effects such as super-sampling.

Along with the announcement of the special Scorpio Edition of the console, Microsoft has officially made pre-orders available worldwide. As it currently stands, all pre-ordered Xbox One X consoles will be the Scorpio Edition until Microsoft says otherwise.

The Xbox One X will launch on November 7th for $499.99 and is available for pre-order at the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and GameStop.

Watch Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson unbox the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition below.

Update 08/21/2017: If you are having trouble obtaining a pre-order, a Microsoft representative confirmed with us today that there will be restocks throughout the month on the Microsoft Store. Be sure to watch for their updates on Twitter for restock information.




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