ReCore Definitive Edition Releasing This Month

Microsoft Studio’s General Manager Shannon Loftis has announced today during Microsoft’s Gamescom presentation that ReCore, the 2016 Microsoft exclusive, will be receiving a “Definitive Edition” available on August 29th, just over a week from its announcement.

ReCore launched last year to a slew of mixed reviews by critics. While many praised it’s platforming, music, and overall creativity, the game was marred by major technical issues at launch with inconsistent framerates, game-breaking bugs, and excessively long load times. Additionally, the game launched with what many considered to be missing content. While the game’s cover and original details had shown five “CoreBots,” the game’s customizable robots, the final game only launched with four available. This left many players questioning whether the game would see an update in the future to expand upon its release. Now, after nearly a year, it appears that Comcept has answered that question.

After the additional year of development time, ReCore will be receiving an extensive update that should potentially address these concerns. On the game’s official website, the development team detailed the changes coming to the new “Definitive” version:

  • Enhanced visuals (increased resolution and HDR)
  • A brand-new adventure, “Eye of Obsidian”
  • T8-NK Corebot (“Tank”)
  • New Environments
  • New Dungeons
  • 3 new weapon modes for Joule
  • New gear for all Corebots
  • More enemy types
  • Gameplay and performance enhancements (yes, this includes load times!) 🙂

This certainly seems like a great deal of new content for the game and could breathe life back into the potential future of the franchise. Shannon Loftis was quick to confirm that yes, current owners of ReCore will be getting the new content via a free update, so that is sure to be good news for early adopters to the game.

The previously absent “T8-NK” CoreBot

We look forward to seeing how ReCore’s new content and upgraded visuals can deliver on the original potential of the franchise. ReCore Definitive Edition launches on August 29th for $19.99 or will be available to current ReCore owners as a free digital update.


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