The NES Classic Will Return In 2018

Nintendo has announced today that the NES Classic will be making an illustrious return in the summer of 2018. This comes after a tumultuous life cycle for the NES Classic last year with units selling out instantly around the world and the production being cut short after just 5 short months. While this move seemingly made sense for Nintendo to make room for the release of the SNES Classic, it left many without the ability to purchase the mini-console without resorting to a 200-300% markup on the resale market.

Speaking of the SNES Classic… Nintendo has also announced that the life-cycle of the SNES Classic will be extended into 2018 and is having its production increased once again. Due to the continued demand after pre-orders sold out, Nintendo of America Chief Operating Officer Reggie Fils-Aime implored customers not to spend more than the $79.99 retail for the SNES Classic as there would supposedly be more units to come. Today’s announcement appears to back that statement up by laying out Nintendo’s plan to ship more consoles to stores and offer the product for longer than just the upcoming holiday season.

Below is Nintendo’s official statement with regards to the SNES and NES Classics :

REDMOND, Wash.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Due to incredible demand for the upcoming Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition system, Nintendo plans to ship the retro-inspired product into 2018. Originally, shipments were announced to cease at the end of this calendar year.

In addition, more units of Super NES Classic Edition will ship on its Sept. 29 launch day in the U.S. than were shipped of NES Classic Edition all last year, with subsequent shipments arriving in stores regularly. Fans have shown their unbridled enthusiasm for these Classic Edition systems, so Nintendo is working to put many more of them on store shelves.

The Super NES Classic Edition system features 21 legendary Super NES games such as Super Mario WorldThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid. Launching on Sept. 29 at a suggested retail price of only $79.99, Super NES Classic Edition plugs directly into the TV using the provided HDMI cable, and comes with two wired controllers.

Next summer, Nintendo will also bring back the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition system with new shipments. More information about the timing of the return of NES Classic Edition will be announced in the future.

NES Classic Edition features 30 classic NES games such as the original Super Mario Bros.The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong.

It’s certainly exciting to see the NES Classic making a return for those who missed it on the first round as there still seems to be a high demand for the mini-console. Nintendo has stated that they will be sharing more information once production begins on the NES Classic once again, most likely next year after the SNES Classic’s production has ceased sometime now in 2018.

This all paints a positive image for Nintendo, who appears to be listening more and more to its customers and fans with each passing day.


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