Doom & Wolfenstein II Are Coming To Nintendo Switch

Looking to kill demons or Nazis while on the go? Then boy do we have some good news for you. Nintendo announced today in its 45-minute Direct that the Bethesda shooters Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will both be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The reboot of the Doom franchise launched to critical acclaim when it released in 2016 and features an excellent, fast-paced single-player campaign alongside its competent online multiplayer. Based on the footage from the trailer shown in the Nintendo Direct, it appears that both of these modes will be making their way over in the new port. Doom is scheduled for a Nintendo Switch release date sometime this “Holiday.”

Update 09/14/2017: Bethesda spoke with Engadget on the upcoming port and gave some intel on the modes included. Both campaign and multiplayer will be available with all of the released DLC content. The SnapMap level editor, however, will not be included. The campaign will be the only portion included on the physical edition’s cartridge, while the multiplayer will be require an additional download.

DOOM for Switch

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, the follow-up to a game I absolutely loved, is scheduled to arrive on Playstation 4 and Xbox One on October 27. From the gameplay shown so far, it appears to be an excellent return to what made the first game so compelling: fast, brutal combat and excellent character work and story-telling. It’s truly exciting to see such a high caliber AAA game on the Nintendo Switch. It’s currently scheduled to launch sometime in 2018.

Wolfenstein II for Switch

Both games are developed under the excellent idTech 6 engine, which must be a huge help in being able to successfully port the games to the Nintendo Switch. While it is likely the games will feature some graphical downgrades, it is still very exciting  to see such big current-gen games from a major developer making their way to the beloved Nintendo console. Hopefully other developers will take note… cough cough…


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