Square Enix’s New RPG Octopath Traveler Comes To Switch In 2018

First announced in January, Square Enix’s new RPG Project Octopath Traveler (working title) will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in 2018. The game, developed by the team behind Bravely Default, appears to be an attempted reinvention of the 2D sprite styles in classic RPGs of the past. Dubbed “2D-HD,” the game features 2D sprites in a beautifully crafted 3D pixel-art world. It’s unique and amazing to look at.

The game, which takes place in an expansive world called Orsterra, consists of eight protagonists to choose from, each with their own special characteristics and special abilities. Combat looks to be in the traditional JRPG style with some nice twists from the Bravely Default series.

The game is set to launch sometime in 2018, with a demo available now on the Nintendo eShop. Square Enix has said that they will be seeking out feedback from players during the development period, so be sure to let them know what you think of the game. I’ll be checking out the demo myself and should have some impressions to share soon.

Watch the official 4-minute trailer below:


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