Stardew Valley Publisher Shares Exciting Update For Switch

Chucklefish, publisher of the popular role-playing farming sim Stardew Valley has been kindly sharing weekly updates on the game’s release status ever since it missed its originally announced Summer release window.

After an initial submission to Nintendo for approval around September 1, 2017, Chucklefish has been reporting and updating on the long wait to hear back from Nintendo with the final say on the approval or denial of the game’s release for the Switch. After nearly a month, it appears Stardew Valley fans finally have their news. Chucklefish CEO Finn Brice shared today via Twitter that Nintendo has given Stardew Valley the approval for release. The release date, however, is still in discussion for now.

Stardew Valley took the world by storm when it first launched on PC in early 2016. Hopefully this update means that the release of Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch is growing near so we can pour hours and hours into our virtual farms on the go. We’ll be keeping a close eye on any updates to come and will be sure to report on the release information once it’s available.


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