Welcome to Pixelated! My name’s Mak, Pixelated’s self-proclaimed Editor-in-Chief. I’ve started Pixelated with the idea of sharing my personal thoughts on all things video games. My favorite genres of games are action RPGs (fantasy and scifi), 3D platformers, immersive sims, stealth games, and action adventures.

I always have and always will love video games. I remember how excited I was when I got my first console as a kid, the Sega Genesis, and played nothing but Sonic the Hedgehog. Fast forward almost two decades and I still get just as excited to get a new game. I still unwrap my games in the car before I head home just to look at the inside of the packaging and check everything out. Unfortunately, games these days hardly even come with anything fun anymore.

Yet, despite my love for video games, I’m busier these days with working and getting my Masters degree than I ever have been. Because of this, I’ve accrued quite the backlog to play through at the moment. I’ll be working my way through my games list, sharing my thoughts on games, and reporting on the news I find interesting. I hope to offer opinions you can trust and will work hard to deliver you a consistent quality of video game content.

Thank you for joining me.

Pixelated – “For the games you love.”